When Daddy’s Gone


Cast: Hope Harper, Zoey Carter

Zoey Carter- The other day I was feeling frisky so I stopped by Daddy`s warehouse. There was some new guy sweeping up who told me Daddy had been gone all day. I figured the new guy wouldn`t mind if he took Daddy`s place so I started flirting with him and rubbing his crotch.Hope Harper- The other morning I was in Daddy`s bed when he came in, yanked off the covers and spanked me hard. I told him I wasn`t leaving til he gave it to me.Olivia Kasady- Sissy and I were watching TV today when we both got so bored we decided to play a little with each other. I never knew sissy tasted so good and was so much fun. Thankfully no one came home and caught us!

Date: February 15, 2017