Thr3e Volume 3 (2024)


Thr3e Volume 3 (2024)


Genre: French, Mature, MILF, Anal, Couples, Cumshots, Facials, Group sex, Lingerie, Stockings, Threesomes
Duration: 03:17:03
Language: English

Cast: Karina King, B. Rous, Simon Kitty, Amalia Davis, Candie Luciani, Nata Ocean, Renato, Brad Knight, Kristof Cale

These couples have a fulfilling sex life, but for them, maintaining desire means inviting a third partner into their lovemaking. Find out how it goes by watching THR3E #3. Today, Renato decided to take his partner Karina King shopping. Just as the couple are about to leave Karina’s favorite shoe store, she turns around and goes back to the sales assistant to ask for her personal phone number, which she happily does. Later that day, the couple decide to get down to business and call her to join them. For some time now, Karina has been fantasizing about making love with her husband and another woman. B. Rous seems the ideal candidate for this new experience. Simon Kitty, Renato and Brad Knight have just enjoyed a dream dinner party. While Brad’s girlfriend has gone home to bed, Simon Kitty is eager to enjoy the rest of the evening with the two men. It’s been a while since she’s had the chance to make love to two men at the same time. This is the perfect opportunity. Alone at home, Amalia Davis prepares for the return of her boyfriend Kristof Cale and a surprise guest. The couple have found the perfect way to avoid falling into a rut. From time to time, depending on their respective desires, Kristof invites a stranger to join in their lovemaking. For the couple, this only strengthens their desire and love. After the threesome, Amalia has a little surprise in store for Kristof. This time, she invited another woman to join them. After a busy day at the office, Kristof can’t wait to join his partner and Candie Luciani to round off the day and, why not, extend the pleasure into the night.

Date: April 28, 2024