Teen Temptations


Teen Temptations

Cast: Sabrina Jay, Jordanna Fox, Lara Jade Deene, April Blue, Gina Jameson

April Blue and Jordanna Foxx lead an all star cast of cuties in this original feature by Sinners. These cuties could have gone to college but they couldn’t wait to join the porn game! Now instead of hitting the books they are hitting up that big porn dick on the regular and having massive orgasms on film for their fans to enjoy! Sabrina Joy gets caught playing with her pussy then lets her room mate finish her off proper! Jordanna straight up told us she wanted a big black cock to fuck so we give her one!

Sabrina Jay had the apartment to herself for a bit, so she decided to rub one out on the couch. But before she could climax, her roommate came home and caught her playing with her pussy. Stand up guy that he is, he gave her a hand or shall we say cock and fucked a huge orgasm out of her cunt!Jordanna Foxx is a hot tattooed goddess and when she calls up the production house saying she wants a big black cock, you deliver! Jordanna couldn’t wait to feel his massive dong hitting the back of her pussy and stretching her out all over it! She cums multiple times on his massive meat before offering up her tits to catch his cum.Lara Jade Deene quickly realized that she was a nympho when she started having sex. It was like the flood gates were opened up and it became all she could think about. So rather than go to college, she decided to study porn and now you get to watch her career bloom! Lara loves the big dick that porn provides as she slowly sinks her horny wet pussy down his big stunt dick!April Blue wants to be a world famous pornstar and she is well on her way! To stay in shape she goes to the gym on the regular but we knew something was up when she called us in to film her session. Surprise, surprise, April is fucking her tattooed trainer and now you get to watch her get her cardio in as she cums on his cock!
Gina Jameson decided to attend the local community college as a back up to her budding porn career because you know…options. She keeps it classy in class, always dressing up like a prim and proper preppy chick but she is known to go home with her colleagues and fuck the cum out of their cocks like she does here! Gina looks this stud in the eye as she gives him the best blowjob of his life before she guides him into her tight wet pussy and tells him to fuck the cum out of her!

Date: May 30, 2022