Slutty Times At Innocent High # 8


Cast: Alice Green, Jade Nile, Marissa Mae, Anastasia Black, Trinity May
Alice Green – When her teacher discovers Alice tied up under his desk, the victim of bullying, she asks her teacher to watch her back and promises to make it worth his while. She makes good on her promise by unbuckling his pants!
Anastasia Black was taking a makeup test when the teacher left the room. She tries to cheat off the nerd next to her who refused until she started stripping. He gave her the answers and she gave him the best fuck of his life!
Jade Nile gets caught revealing her assets and looking at porn in the school library. What’s the best way for a sexy, young girl to get out of trouble? She trips off her clothes and gives the teacher who caught her, her mouth & pussy!
Marissa Mae wants to be the cheerleading captain ad is willing to do anything to get the job. When her coach gives her a ride home, she takes advantage of the time alone to show him some moves she’s come up with all by herself!
Trinity May – Every girl want sot be prom queen, but most aren’t willing to get on their knees and work for the gig! Lucky Mr. Magnum is in charge of the ballot box, and if he lets Trinity fill it with her name, she promises to let him fell her box!

Date: February 11, 2016