Sex Addicts Anonymous


Marlene, Laura and Bianca all sit in a circle. They eye each other and on Robert. “As you know, my name is Robert… and I’m an addict,” Robert says. But like all of them, it’s not heroin or booze that’s his addiction and affliction – he’s a sex addict. Laura watching the party, but staring at one guy in particular Vince – as he laughs and jokes along with a pretty girl. She looks on with a bit of envy, clearly wishing she could take the place of the girl. Teen Bianca is giggling wildly and gasping at the outrageous things her boyfriend is saying on the other end of the line, which seem like provocative sexual advances. Marlene is fussing when her boyfriend, Tom comes up behind her and puts his hands comfortingly on her shoulders.

Starring: Reagan Foxx, Alina Lopez, Jane Wilde, Jaye Summers

Date: October 3, 2019