Roselynn – Exploited College Girls


Roselynn – Exploited College Girls
Released: July 29, 2021

“So are you ready?” asks Jake Adams of today’s Exploit. “Yes I am,” declares 23 year old newbie Roselynn. “And what are you ready for?” is Jake’s follow up. “I’m ready for you to put your dick in my pussy,” laughs Rosie and I think we are all very ready for that action to get started. So if you’re a true fan of ExCoGi, and I know that you are since you’re reading this and would have otherwise already been stampeding towards the clitoris in this video if you weren’t…

So it’s safe to say you’ve probably watched the intro and initial credits and it’s with mixed feelings that I say this is Jake Adam’s very last scene before he passed away. Now I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer and all, so that’s enough of that. I just wanted everyone to know this and NOW we can all go stampeding towards Rosie’s clitoris and get to see just how fun and excited she is to be here. You can’t chisel this girl’s smile off her face and why would you? She lights up a room with her energy and Jake can’t wait to get her naked and start exploiting all those natural resources Rosie was blessed with. “So do you like anal?” asks Jake. “I love anal,” announces Rosie and if it wasn’t for Rick over at Backroom taking her first anal on camera the day before, I’m sure Rosie would have enjoyed a tailpipe cleaning from Jake today. So if you like anal go check her scene out over there. I also bet you think Rosie’s body counts pretty high being 23 and how totally infatuated with sex she is. Nope! Rosie’s only had sex with 3 guys before and after this weekend nothing will compare. So Jake further probes our newbie and we find out that Rosie has a boyfriend of 6 years and she’s had sex with only one girl and that first time was yesterday. Love that, and she masturbates almost everyday as well. OH, and there’s more! Rosie’s a size queen with Daddy issues everyone. You know, for all you guys that like their good little girls to call them Daddy as you’re filling your favorite good little girl’s slit. And yes, we do test this size queen’s “Size Hypothesis” today because she states 8” is just too small for her and she can take up to 10. Well as the Myth Buster’s so scientifically explain and put to the test some of life’s presumptions and challenge statements. So do we, and Jake accept this challenge debunking Rosie’s status as a “size queen” just a little bit because she had some trouble taking Jake’s man meat deep in her love canal today. But rest assured everyone, Rosie was put through the paces and as the saying goes: “She walked in WET. Walked out SORE”. Sore and satisfied that is. So everyone here’s Rosie and Enjoy. Steve

Date: August 13, 2021