My Daddy’s Point of View 5


All POV hardcore!
Pamela Morrison – “Oh, my stepdaddy, I’m so sorry for sending you those nude photos of me. Please don’t be mad or tell mom! Wait, you liked them? You want to see the real thing and not just the picture? I’m so happy you feel that way. Let me show you how I’ve blossomed into a woman.”
Cadey Mercury – “Oh fuck! I can;t believe I just sent nude selfies to my stepdad. Maybe I can delete them before he sees them. Oops, stepdaddy, I’m so sorry! Can we forget you ever saw these? I know what we can do. You can take pictures all for yourself so you will never forget how much I love you.How does that sound?”
Trisha Parks – “Hi, Stepdad. I’m just skipping school in this slutty outfit. What? Give you a handjob so you won’t tell Mom? Fine, yes. I missed twenty-five days of school. I know what you want. Just get your hush fucking over with so you don’t tell Mom. ‘Daddy,’ mom isn’t home. Want to fuck me some more?”
Harley Jade – “OMG, Stepdad! I accidentally saw your penis last night when you came into my room. I kind of really liked it. Maybe you should come to my room again tonight and I can get to see it a little longer? Or I can wait in your room. Whatever will make my steppapa happy works for me!

Stars: Cadey Mercury, Harley Jade, Pamela Morrison, Trisha Parks

Date: May 28, 2019