Mom’s Guide To Sex 14 (2023)


Mom’s Guide To Sex 14 (2023)


Genre: MILF, Mature, Teens, Big Tits, Family Roleplay, Threesomes
Duration: 03:16:54

Cast: Rory Knox, Kenzie Love, Aria Valencia, Quinn Waters, JC Wilds, Bess Breast, Charley Hart, Abby Somers

Bess has a phobia of boys and their smells, and her stepmom doesn’t know what to do about it. Dr. Green, however, knows the perfect treatment for this young girl to get her into anything a man can give her! Rory has a new boyfriend, but after Quinn catches them in the act, she knows she can offer some tips. Rory gets jealous but soon realizes Quinn can please her and her new boyfriend at the same time! JC knows that Charley has been cheating and lets her new dad know. When Charley finds JC and stepdad banging away, this threesome finds a new way to build a stronger family. Kenzie is a very hands on teacher, so when she realizes that two of her students need some extra instruction on Sex Ed, she’s eager to work with them.

Date: March 10, 2024