Miles Long’s Full Service POV # 15


Miles Long’s Full Service POV # 15

Cast: Lauren Phillips, Avery Jane, Kendra Cole, Cameron Canela, Shelby Paris, Crystal Clark, Nicci Taylor

Full Service POV 15 has eight hotties lined up to give your dick that real pornstar experience. Shot POV style, your dick becomes the star of the show as they suck it, grind it and swallow it down! These hot starlets want to know what your dick tastes like and they are looking directly at you as they lower their mouth and lips down until your balls are slapping their chin! Avery Jane, Lauren Phillips and Cameron Canela star!

Ever wonder what it would be like to have two hot chicks battling over who gets to suck and fuck your cock? Well that’s exactly what Lauren Phillips and Nicci Taylor are up to in this scene! You’ve got a red head and a hot brunette taking turns putting it in their mouths and sticking it in their snatch!Crystal Clark knows you like a hairy pussy, so she grew it out special for you. She does shave her lips though so you can watch your cock fuck her wet hole as she gets on top and grinds you. Crystal likes to taste her own pussy off your dick, so she puts it back in her mouth to suck you and jerk you off all over her hands!Like your chicks nice and tatted up? Then you are going to enjoy fucking hot brunette Kendra Cole. She’s got a full sleeve and matching hip and you can discover the rest of her ink for yourself as she gets on all fours so you can ruck her tight little pussy while looking at her sweet little anus.Cameron Canela believes in the art of the tease. Sure there are other sluts that will hop right on your cock and get to fucking, but Cameron wants you to look at her hot body and dream of how tight her pussy is before you get to touch. Let her practice yoga for you before she sucks your cock hard so you can fuck her on her mat!Avery Jane gets off on power play and she likes to be submissive. Grab her leash and make her crawl towards you until she is close enough to throat your cock down to the balls. She’s wet as fuck and you can slip your dick into her black pussy all the way on the first thrust. Watch her big tits bounce to the rhythm as you make her cum!The best way to have your balls sucked as you are getting a blowjob is to do it with two chicks at once! Lucky for you Lauren Phillips and Shelby Paris love to fuck together! Watch them take turns sucking and fucking your cock in this POV threesome!

Date: February 6, 2022