In Loving Memory (2024)


In Loving Memory (2024)
Casey (Kendra Sunderland) arrives at her boyfriend’s home alone to innocently look for something… and ends up finding a secret sex doll stashed away in her boyfriend’s closet. When Morgan (Nathan Bronson) later returns home, she confronts him about the sex doll. To her shock, she learns that the sex doll is in the likeness of Morgan’s late wife and that having it makes him feel close to her still. He insists that is Casey wants their relationship to continue, she has to accept him AND the doll. Casey is stunned and conflicted but doesn’t want the relationship to end yet, so she agrees to try and accept it, starting with having having sex that includes the doll. Morgan is delighted and they have a sensual threesome with the doll… but will it be enough to save the relatinship?
Kyle (Johnny Goodluck) is waiting on the bed, longingly gazing at pictures of a beautiful woman. Then another gorgeous woman, Trish (Victoria Voxxx) emerges from the bathroom to join him. However, as soon as Kyle sees Trish, he becomes extremely upset because Trish’s makeup is ALL WRONG and she’s NOT wearing the dress he wanted her to. Trish is startled by his strong reaction and confronts Kyle about his bad attitude, questioning WHY she has to play dress up and WHO she’s even supposed to be. That’s when Kyle reveals that Trish looks a lot like his wife. He misses her SO MUCH and can’t stop thinking about her, which is why he wants Trish to go the extra mile and become a true lookalike. He knows he came on strong but it’s important to him that EVERYTHING about their encounter is PERFECT, so that he can feel close to his wife again…. After that, Trish will be set for life. But Trish isn’t so sure that Kyle’s obsession will ever truly be satisfied.

Date: May 26, 2024