Harlow West – Daddy’s Girl Goes For a Ride


We are back on the World Famous Bang Bus! Today we found ourselves in a situation a little unusual. We saw a beautiful young girl walking with her father. I was debating whether or not to even try, but fuck it! We asked them if they needed a ride and tried to convince her dad to let his daughter on the bus. Obviously, as most dads would, he was hesitant. What father in their right mind would ever allow his daughter to hop in a random white van with strangers and a camera? Obviously he must not go on the internet much. We paid him $500 to let us “interview” his daughter for our website. We didn’t tell him what kind of website we run, or what kind of interview it would be, so who’s to blame? His daughter gets on the bus and she is quick to strip down for us, all it took was a couple hundred bucks. Jonathan gets naked and she can’t stop looking at his huge cock. She goes all in. They fuck in multiple positions and she squirts all over our recently cleaned bus. He cums all over her face and we end the day with some great footage, and an awkward video call with her dad! Whoops!

Date: September 30, 2020