Free Use Fantasies 3 (2024)


Free Use Fantasies 3 (2024)
Bffs Alice and Dixie are recording themselves doing some dances and online challenges to become viral. Once lucky stud Nicky joins them, things get naked and dirty which makes them go viral in no time!
Cadets Callie and Dani have been worked hard by their superior Sergeant Vega. After a brutal day of training they find a letter stating that they’ve both moved up rank and are now the Sergeant’s bosses, which means it’s time for payback! Soon they’re both ordering vega to get his dick out so they can both fuck him!
School tutor Donnie is tasked with helping Samantha and Octavia study for their upcoming tests, but the girls have a hard time paying attention. Donnie tries different techniques, all while feeling the girls up and fucking them silly!
After her parents get her a small mansion for her 18th birthday, April finds the perfect freeuse couple to have as roommates Gianna and Donnie. After they get stuck indoors because of Covid, they figure out the best way to assign chores. If April agrees to become freeuse with them, Gianna and Donnie will take care of everything. April immediately agrees and they three of them have an amazing time fucking each other whenever they want!

Category: Teen, Blowjob, Group Sex, Oral, Threesome
Starring: Alice Visby, April Olsen, Callie Black, Dani Blu, Dixie Lynn, Gianna Dior, Octavia Red, Samantha Reigns
Language: English

Date: April 28, 2024