Starring: Adria Rae, Anastasia Knight, Carolina Sweets, Jade Baker, Jane Wilde, Jenna Sativa, Judy Jolie, Kenna James, Riley Annev

Kenna James is trying to masturbate but things just aren`t cumming together. Her beautiful lesbian friends Anastasia Knight and Jane Wilde come up with a plan: They`re going to get VERY hands-on with Kenna, using their best vibrator. Jenna Sativa invites her new neighbor in. She leaves to get some tea and returns completely naked! Jade Baker is alarmed by this very sudden, and revealing change of outfit, but Jenna simply replies that her family are nudists, and adds that she`s also a lesbian! After playing tennis, Adria Rae asks Judy Jolie if she can use her shower because hers is broken. In the room, Judy`s touch is soft as she admits that her shower isn`t broken, she`s there because she has a crush on Adria. Judy admits the same thing and the heat is steadily building between them. Riley Anne can`t decide which outfit she likes best. Carolina Sweets sneaks up on Riley telling her that it doesn`t matter what she wears, she`s always going to look incredible. The girls start kissing as Riley escorts Carolina to the bed.

Date: February 23, 2019