Casino Endgame (2024)


Casino Endgame (2024)


Genre: French, Feature, MILF, Couples, Anal, Blowjobs, Cumshots, Facials, Lingerie, Stockings, Group Sex, Threesomes
Duration: 02:47:41
Language: English, French, German

Studio: Marc Dorcel
Cast: Clara Mia, Maya Woulfe, Janice Griffith, Shalina Devine, Anita Rover, Zaawaadi, Selva Lapiedra, Victoria Nova, Alice Martin, Clemence Audiard, Carollina Cherry, Ariana Cortez, Alex Romero, James Duval, Tommy Cabrio, Bishop Black, Ricky Rascal, Luke Hardy, Max Deeds, Ricky Mancini,

Although she organizes poker nights on a small scale, the game and the risks involved excite Maya to no end. It’s not uncommon for her to stay with Jimmy after a night out, enjoying the sights and sounds of the place after the players have left, and letting herself go with a partner who knows her body inside out and, above all, knows how to make her come. From time to time, to increase her earnings, Maya organizes VIP parties to which influencers, DJs and celebrities from the world of nightlife are invited. Tonight, Maya is hosting one of the biggest parties of the week, with a host of high-profile guests. The D (Bishop Black) is at every party. He’s a renowned producer with an innate talent for discovering tomorrow’s stars. According to Maya, he has a real knack for making money. As for Jo, he’s a meat wholesaler, but what’s really big and full is his wallet. Maya often invites him over, because she knows that even (and especially) if he loses, he’ll always come back with the aim of making up for it. Clara is a new player, but as she was recommended by a regular, she had no trouble getting through the doors of the secret location where today’s game will be played. The “loser” always comes with his beautiful girlfriend Janice Griffith, hoping she’ll bring him luck. But as usual, he loses everything… his money AND his girlfriend. The only thing he wins tonight is a black eye for being a sore loser. Janice, for her part, will be happy to settle his debts by spending the night at Le D.’s.

Date: June 2, 2024