BBC My Wife # 3


BBC My Wife # 3

Cast: Syren De Mer, Lexi Luna, Kay Lovely, Ashly Anderson, Kate Dee, Kendra Heart

We talked about it forever now and finally the big day is here. I’m letting my wife Kate Dee fuck another man (Jay Bangher) and a hung black guy to boot. Her pussy is already wet as she gets ready for him to arrive… so hot! She is going to use a condom, we’re freaky but not crazy or anything. She feels up the stud over his pants and is already super impressed with what he is packing. He starts sucking on my wife’s ample tits and then she pulls out his cock for another shock to her system. She gets wetter & wetter as she sucks on his big black dick.

He penetrates her and you can tell she loves it right away but a few minutes into it, she stops and tells me she wants to feel his cock without the condom!? This was not part of the plan, but I don’t want to seem jealous or ruin her fun so I hesitantly agreed. She put it back in without the rubber and seemed to like it even more! He raw dogs her in missionary before fucking her big titties. She gets on top of his thick cock and bounces up and down as it stretches her pussy out. My wife’s tits flop around as he fucks her from behind. She lays down and opens wide so he can shoot his cum into her mouth. Phew, thankfully no creampie on this one!

We’ve always been athletic, especially my wife Kendra Heart who is a total soccer MILF. When our boy didn’t make the team, we had to sway the coach! We invited Brickzilla over to make our case & he was reasonable, but thought our son would be better off being held back for a year. Unacceptable! Kendra & I went into gear & we offered up my wife to coach Brick if he promised to push our boy through the league. Brick was in, no questions! When my wife took out his cock, she was in total shock – it was the biggest, thickest dick she ever saw and her eyes lit up as she greedily shoved it into her mouth the moment it came out. After she sucked his balls & cock, Brick lined my wife up to take her from behind, stretching her out as he thrust his massive member into her tight pussy. Her pussy was pulsing as she rode the coach, she twerked her hairy cunt all over the coach. She begged me to taste his cum like a total slut, I had my eye on the prize so I let her slurp every last drop of cum out of Brick’s balls. Needless to say, our son is now a MVP!

When you have a hotwife like Kay Lovely, you have to treat her right. She’s a catch by any standard & a real freak behind closed doors – which our social & work friends have NO clue about lol! So for Valentine’s Day, I knew I had to impress her. I set her up with the typical chocolate & teddy bear duo and a note instructing her to put on some hot sexy red lingerie & a blindfold. She was expecting some sex from her loving husband, but I had something else in mind. My buddy Jovan Jordanis hung and his big black cock is just what Kay needs. Kay is blindfolded as I talk to her, letting her think she is touching me while she is feeling up Jovan. When she gets to his cock, she knows something is off – his cock is fat! You can see the excitement in her eyes as she tries and fails to deepthroat him, but Jovan helps my wife by face fucking her for a bit. Kay creams up as he penetrates and stretches out my wife’s tight pussy with his thick dick right in front of me! You can see how stretched out my wife’s pussy is when she is in cowgirl, feeding him her juicy tits. She can’t stop cumming on Jovan’s BBC. After multiple orgasms from Kay, he creampies in her pussy. Happy Valentine’s Day baby!

My hotwife Syren De Mer is a curvy goddess with an appetite for big cock. When we invite over this stud Brickzilla, it doesn’t take long for her to get handsy with him. I find them in the hot tub, my wife is already sizing him up. She touches & squeezes it through his shorts, getting herself very excited. She lets Brick pay with her big tits before finally pulling out his cock – the look of awe on her face is priceless. She uses both her hands to jerk & worship this bull’s giant cock. Syren lets him fuck her big boobs and then prepares herself to get entered by this monster. He thrusts into her tight MILF pussy and you can see that she is being stretched to the max. Syren cums all over this stranger’s dick before she climbs on top for some more orgasms. Her big tits sway to & from as she gets railed. She licks & kisses Brick’s balls until he cums. What a catch!

My wife Ashly is a little nymph & she comes home with a dripping wet pussy after each session with our trainer, Peter. I finally decided to break the ice and let Peter know how much of a horndog my wife is – he popped her big tits out of her sports bra and fucked her all over the gym. Ashly couldn’t stop cumming on his big cock, what a slut!

As a cuckold, I love seeing my wife with other men. My busty wife made this video for me of her getting her pussy pounded by this young, well-hung guy. She sucks him off and slides him deep into her pretty pussy. ‘He stretches’ me out so good!’ My wife moans as she slide up and down on him. He bends her over, with her big ass up up in the air. Before filling my wife’s mouth with his cum, he fucks her hard until she begs for a taste!!

Date: April 24, 2023