Allie Addison’s Day Off (2024)


Allie Addison’s Day Off (2024)
One girl´s struggle to take it all off.
When Allie fakes being sick to ditch school, she has no idea how wild this day off is going to get!
What starts as another prank will turn into the wildest day off in Allie´s life. Her jealous stepbrother quickly catches onto her deception, so Allie will have to use her naughty mind and body, to strike a raunchy deal to secure his silence.
Allie wants her friend Sloan to join her on her day off, so she recruits Nicky to impersonate Sloan´s father and convince Principal Trainor that something terrible happened. Mr. Trainor is suspicious about the call, so he decides to investigate what´s going on.
Now Allie is hanging out with her best friends Eden, Serena, and Nicky. They go joyriding and end up having fun in the pool. The day gets even hotter as the besties decide to explore their sexuality under the scorching sun, the perfect way to crown Allie´s day off!

Category: Teen, Couples, Group Sex, Threesome, Big Dick,
Starring: Serena Hill, Allie Addison, Eden West, Nicky Rebel, Carlos Dickinson
Language: English

Date: June 20, 2024